Your Basic Blues

So many genres originated and are influenced by the blues. The blues is a great way to start playing music and feel good about what you can do as a player.

The blues I’m going to show you today is one of the most common and useful progressions you can play with other musicians. Check out the tab below and listen to the audio examples to see how it sounds.

The cool thing we’re doing here is arpeggiating three different chords - E, A and B. Plus the “turnaround chord” is one that every player should know. It’s a B7#9.

In audio example one I’m sticking pretty close to the tab, and then after the example I’m showing you how you can swing it a little bit and add some cool inflections to make it sound less dull.

Your Basic Blues#1.png

Check out the second audio example which shows you how to play rhythm and lead at the same time using the progression you learned from above.

This is a great and quick way to practice switching chords, and soloing at the same time.

If you want the Guitar Pro file, you can download it by clicking below.

If you want to hear one of the greatest versions of this type of blues, you should check out Stevie Ray Vaughan’s track Scuttle Buttin’.

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