What Are You Struggling With On Guitar?

What are you struggling with on guitar? It's a question I've asked here, on my weekly newsletter, on social and elsewhere. Through writing this website I've been able to talk to lots of different guitarists, and come up with interesting lessons based on their feedback.

I always try to have a great answer or link to a video or lesson, depending on what the player is looking for. I've had a contact form on my email for some time, but now I want to make this option more visible to everyone.

From now on, the "What Are you Struggling With On Guitar?" link will live on the sidebar of this site. If you have a question, feel free to drop me a line. I'll try to get you a great answer, and may even make a full lesson from your question.

There's no question too small or big to ask. Let's get better at guitar together!

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