The road to 100

Hey everyone, after such an incredibly busy September, October has been pretty quiet on the site.

One thing that’s stayed consistent is that I’ve continued to do my guitar radio show called Amped Up! every single day for over 80 days.

Which means that even after lots of travel and tons of other things going on, I’m on the march to 100 shows in a row.

I do Chasing Sound every day for you guys, and because I love guitar. Which is why I wanted to ask for your input on show 100. For show 50 I talked about my 50 favorite guitar players.

For show 100 I want to do something special too. You can catch me on Twitter, Facebook, or simply by emailing me at

I’m gearing up for more posts to close out October, and have a strong November. I’m really looking forward to teaching you more great guitar and sharing what I’m finding each week.

Thanks for reading!

By the way, check out that beautiful Danish, and very orange Tele I wasn’t playing last week in the header image. It was over $4K. 😬