The Ultimate Guitar YouTube Playlist

Sharing new things, and learning guitar together is why I work on Chasing Sound every day. Learning guitar is a lifelong journey, and there’s SO much you can learn each and every day.

Last week I revamped my Guitar Song of the Week playlist, so now if I hear a cool guitar song, it’s likely to end up on that playlist for you guys to share with me.

Sharing that playlist got me thinking of yet another cool thing I could share with the Chasing Sound community. Over the past couple of years, whenever I get together an issue of my weekly newsletter, Six String Sunday, I take a look at all the great lessons, videos, songs and more I loved that week.

Over the years I’ve compiled a playlist of over 500 guitar videos on YouTube. While I haven’t linked to each and every one, the playlist is a treasure trove of awesome guitar videos. There’s lesson videos, performances, rig rundowns, and so much more on the playlist.

I figured, why just keep this playlist to myself? So, similar to the music playlist where you can listen to great songs with me, now you can check out this link to see what guitar videos I’m saving. If I like a video enough, I’ll share it and let you know why I thought it was great in my newsletter.

Hope you enjoy checking out the guitar video playlist, and that you find a video on there that helps you learn something new. If you’ve seen an awesome guitar video you’d like to share, please let me know by reaching out on social - I’m ChasingSound everywhere!