Chasing Sound’s Guitar Songs of Greatness

Last year I picked one awesome guitar song each week, and added the songs to my Guitar Song of the Week playlist. At the end of the year, we had 52 songs, and 5 plus hours of great guitar music to listen to. I’ve been thinking about the playlists that I made for Spotify and Apple Music a lot this year. I wanted a way to keep those playlists going, while still retaining the 52 songs I added last year, and for people not to have to subscribe to an entirely new playlist.

Even though we’re only 5 months into the new year, I’ve already listened to so much new guitar music that I love - and I don’t want to keep that all to myself! I love sharing what I’m listening to with you guys, so what I did was rename both playlists. If you’re already subscribed to the playlist on Apple Music or Spotify, you’ll see the name has changed to “Chasing Sound’s Guitar Songs of Greatness”.

I just added 5 very different songs to the playlist, and I plan to add new and awesome guitar songs all the time. If I love the track, I’ll add it! I’m going to try to keep the playlists on both streaming services the same, but if you’ve ever made a playlist, you’ll know that occasionally songs drop off due to a number of reasons.

Do you have a recommendation of a song you think should be on the playlist? Please let me know by reaching out on any of the social media sites - I’m @ChasingSound pretty much everywhere. Or, you can always email me at

If you don’t feel like subscribing for some reason, you can always come back to this post. I’ve just included a player for both streaming services below. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do!