Five Questions

Chasing Sound is turning out to be so many things. A while back I even made a User’s Guide for all the places you could find Chasing Sound online.

Everything from lessons and more right here on this site, to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on Anchor with Amped Up my guitar radio podcast each day.

I never tried to specifically model Chasing Sound after just one thing. I want a podcast where I can help you learn about cool guitar songs, and go behind the scenes. I like to be on social media so I can post fun images on Instagram, and reach out to you guys on Twitter and Facebook.

And the actual site itself, the one you’re reading right now, I always want it to be what you want to learn, mixed with the best a guitar mag could ever offer. I grew up reading Guitar Player and Guitar World, so I love a good guitar interview.

That’s why I want to add a new series to the site called Five Questions. The way I see it, I’d like to ask players 3 guitar questions, 1 general music question, and then 1 wild card question.

I already have reached out to a number of players, but this site is for you. Who would you want me to reach out to with five questions? Who and what do you want to know from your favorite players?

Let me know by reaching out on Twitter or Facebook. You can also e-mail me instead at

As always, thanks for reading!