The Chasing Sound User’s Guide

Update: Chasing Sound is growing week by week. I’m happy to build a community of awesome guitar players each day, and get to know so many great people.

I felt like I should update this post so you can connect with me all over the net. Thanks for checking out what I do. - Brian

Thanks for visiting Chasing Sound each and every week. It’s a labor of love for me, and I’m on the path to creating a place that I’d personally want to visit and hang out at as a guitarist.

The site has grown so much over the past couple of months that I wanted to share all of the ways that you can use it, and where Chasing Sound lives on the internet. You can think of this post as the Chasing Sound User’s Guide. I’ve slowly but surely got into a lot of different spaces, and I think that helps different types of learners. Whether you like to learn by reading stories, reading tabs, photos, videos, audio examples, or lots more, I have you covered.

Chasing Sound is more than just an educational site though. It’s also a place to learn about some of the greatest guitar players of our time, whether they be new or old. I’m always trying to think of the “guitar nerd” in mind. If you wake up every day and think about guitar, we’d probably be good friends! Here’s all the places you can find Chasing Sound on the internet.

First and foremost you can visit Chasing Sound right here on the website, at Each week I write up multiple articles that can teach and inspire you in your guitar playing. I also have a Guitar Album of the Week each week in the sidebar of the site. (Update, now I have a Guitar Song of the Week, with a playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. You can find that in the sidebar) That goes up every Friday.

In the past I also wrote about ads. The only ads I have up are for products I personally use, or have used in the past. You can find those in the sidebar as well.

Also in the sidebar is one of the best kept secrets of the guitar internet! It’s the place you can sign up for my weekly newsletter Six String Sunday. Six String Sunday is free to sign up for, and is a wrap up of things that have gone up on the site throughout the week, but it also contains my favorite finds from the entire “guitar internet” for the week. I link to lessons, videos and more. I explore tons of guitar related things throughout the week and curate just the best for you. I hope you’ll sign up and join our little community.

Another place Chasing Sound is at is on e-mail. Every Thursday I open up my inbox for questions, and I try to get you answers by the weekend. Have a question about guitar, music or even recording? Send an email to and I’ll be sure to help out.

Chasing Sound is also on Twitter where I’m interacting with people and posting guitar related links. It’s my favorite social network, so you can find me on there quite a bit. The same goes for Chasing Sound’s Facebook page. I’m also on Instagram sharing fun guitar pictures throughout the week.

If you’re looking for something really fun, check out Amped Up!, which is a guitar radio show that I do a couple of times a week. The broadcasts last for about 24 hours, and after that, they’re gone. You can think of Amped Up as sort of a director’s commentary for the site. I’m talking about guitar, spinning guitar tracks, and lots more.

New for 2018, I’ve been focusing a lot on video. I’m still getting my feet wet with shooting and editing videos, but I know that’s where so many people go for guitar lessons, that I’m pushibg myself to create more videos this year. Please sub to the channel here.

That’s everywhere that Chasing Sound is for the time being! I hope you’ll find me in one of those places and connect. I have plans to develop a podcast in the future. There’s a lot going on already, but I’m going to keep on building Chasing Sound for you guys. Thanks for reading.