3 awesome features of Chasing Sound

Just went live on YouTube to talk about 3 features of the site. If you're not aware already, I just recently announced the ability to ask me anything every week. If you have a guitar, music or recording/mixing question, I'd be happy to answer. Full details on that are in the video, and this post.

I also talked about the Guitar Song of the Week. Last year I did a Guitar Album of the Week each and every Friday. This year, I've been focusing on one single song each week, and I've made playlists for Spotify and Apple Music. By the end of the year, we'll have 52 awesome songs for you to listen to. The playlist gets updated by me each week, and if you subscribe on Apple Music or Spotify, it'll update for you too!

Finally, I talked about one of my favorite things that I've been doing for close to 2 years now - Six String Sunday. If you're not subscribed yet, you should be! Each Sunday I send out an awesome newsletter that goes over the best stuff I found in the guitar world each week. It's absolutely free, and you can sign up right here on the site.

Have fun watching the vid! If you haven't subscribed to Chasing Sound on YouTube yet, you can sub and click the notification bell right through the video, and then be updated each time a new video comes out.