Chasing Sound's Guitar Song of the Week

I remember taking a lesson a while back, and asking my teacher “how can Guthrie Govan play SO many styles SO well?” Other than being extremely gifted, my teacher noted that Guthrie is a great active listener. He soaks up the vocabulary of different genres, and then applies it to his own playing.

That’s why I think it’s so important to listen to a wide variety of music. Last year, in 2017 I picked a new Guitar Album of the Week each Friday, leaving readers and listeners with lots of great music to listen to. At the end of the year, I thought about how I could make 2018 different.

This year, I’m going micro, and each week I’ll pick a Guitar Song of the Week. The same rules apply as last year. The songs can be brand new or classics you gotta hear. Plus the songs don't necessarily have to be guitar "virtuosos". One week might be Steve Vai, and the next week could be The Edge.

I’ve made two playlists for the most popular music services, Spotify and Apple Music.

You can come back to this page to see the new song of the week each Friday (or check the sidebar on the site), but I recommend subscribing to the playlists on your streaming service of choice.

I hope you enjoy the playlist as it takes shape throughout the next 50 or so weeks left in the year. At the end of the year, we’re going to have an awesome playlist to listen to.

What’s your #1 guitar song of all time?

I’m super excited to pick new and classic songs for you guys each week, but I’d like to know what your favorite guitar song of all time is. Reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook and let me know. Rather email me? Just write to me at Happy listening!