Mika Tyyska Has A New Album Out + Livestream!

One of my favorite players Mika Tyyska (aka Mr. Fastfinger) just came out with a new album called Night Overdrive. I've ben a fan of his music for a long time, and from what I've heard of this new album, it mixes great, melodic guitar playing with some very 80s-esque vibes. You can check out the album which is available on Mika's site here.

I recently talked about Mika in April when I said you should go check out his re-release of his first Mr. Fastfinger album, Exploding Guitar. That deluxe edition had extra tracks, backing tracks, tabs, playthroughs, and a lot more. He's a really interesting guitarist to check out, who's always doing something new and exciting.

Troy Grady (of Cracking the Code) just did a great livestream with Mika talking about new albums, techniques, a rig rundown, and a lot more. You can check that out over on YouTube. It's nearly 2 hours of awesome guitar!