Why you should subscribe to Six String Sunday

Back in May of 2016 I sent out the first issue of Six String Sunday - funnily enough, to six people at the time. Here we are over two years later, and I’m happy to say that an issue has gone out nearly every single Sunday for over two years.

No matter if I was in New Jersey or anywhere else in the world, you could be sure that Sunday morning you’d be getting an issue of Six String Sunday. It’s one of my favorite things to do each week. You’d be surprised at just how much guitar stuff happens in one week!

For those of you who haven’t signed up yet, the newsletter is a collection of 6 things each week. I update you on what’s going on at Chasing Sound, and I also collect my favorite guitar lessons, videos, and more and share it with you. After being part of many guitar newsletters, I do have to say, I think this one is the best out there!

The newsletter isn’t just links to what I found cool that week. It’s typically upwards of a thousand words each issue! The best part is that it’s entirely free to sign up. And in the last 2 years, the only time I’ve ever tried to sell anything to my list was for my 50 warm up exercises, and another time when I was raising money for cancer research - so it’s stress free!

I hope you’ll sign up. You can do so on the sidebar and footer of this site. Want to check out a sample issue before you subscribe? Click this link for the most recent issue. Thanks for reading!