7 Days of Picks

Last year I was on a mission to replace the Dunlop green Tortex pick I had used for years. I wanted to see what else was out there, and if it made a difference. Turns out, it did! I wrote this post in search of my new favorite guitar pick, and I found some great options along the way.

Picks and other accessories can actually make a huge difference in your playing. They can help you progress further by inspiring you to play more, and hopefully play with more ease. In July when I was doing 2 straight weeks of 2 Minute Guitar Tip videos, I talked about changing it up in regards to accessories and more. You can check out that video below.

I recently saw Ben Eller do 7 days of sick picks on his Instagram channel. I thought it was pretty cool, so I'm doing 7 days of picks too!

Go head to my Instagram channel, and each day you'll see a pick I use all the time, or something special I might have picked up along the way. What's your favorite pick? Let me know by reaching out on Instagram!