New Hendrix! Both Sides of the Sky

Hendrix was a prolific songwriter, and recorded so many songs over the years. His vault is filled with tons of different cuts we haven't heard, or that've been leaked on the net in various different audio qualities. That's why today is special, because we have a new album full of 13 amazing Hendrix tracks to listen to.

Both Sides of the Sky is the third in a trilogy of albums. The first two were Valleys of Neptune and People, Hell and Angels. There are tracks on the latest album cut by the Jimi Hendrix Experience and also the Band of Gypsys.

This is the bluesier side of Hendrix as he was transitioning bands from the Experience into BoG, and features some amazing Hendrix tones.

These two quotes from the official release sum up what Experience Hendrix was going for (emphasis mine):

Janie Hendrix, President and CEO of Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. commented, “We have a growing commitment to preserve the legacy of Jimi and also to continue to give the worldwide family of Jimi fans quality releases. That’s what Both Sides of The Sky reflects…our ongoing commitment. In a deeper sense, it’s the keeping of a promise. Jimi and I once made a promise to each other. He said he would take care of me and I told him I would take care him. Through his music and our preservation of his work, my brother and I honor one another. We are now in our third decade of watching over Jimi’s creative works and our resolve to maintain the integrity of what he left us has only grown stronger with time.”

That is also the purpose for Eddie Kramer’s involvement and his devotion to the project. He remarked, “Jimi’s true home was the studio, that’s where the music and the magic happened. He loved everything about recording and it’s been my distinct pleasure and an honor to play a part in that process both then and now.”

There are a bunch of special tracks on this album, with special guests (Johnny Winter & Stephen Stills), tracks Hendrix was trying to finish for future albums, cover songs, and a lot more. It's always an exciting day when you get to hear any of Hendrix's unreleased work, and Both Sides of the Sky is no different.

Hendrix is regarded as one of the pioneers of the electric guitar, and it's always interesting to go inside these studio sessions to hear the songs in progress, mistakes being made, hilarious jokes between Hendrix and Kramer, and just outright weirdness. It brings Hendrix back down to earth a little bit, before you hear him do an amazing 2 minute solo that takes him back into the stratosphere.

Check out the album on iTunes - Both Sides of the Sky.