Here's to what's next

I won't even try and compete with the enormous amount of news that'll be coming out of San Jose today. Apple is holding their World Wide Developers Conference, and it's typically one of their most exciting events.

It paves the way for the software and occasionally some hardware that's to come. It also is a great spot to see what Apple will focus on for the future, as they like to tie products together.

If you know me at all, you know that in addition to loving guitars, I also love Apple. I've been using their products since I was a kid, and they've made my career easier.

They help me record guitar, record and mix bands, jot new ideas down, write posts and emails for Chasing Sound, podcast, and so much more. Apple products have changed my working life, and my personal life.

One of the biggest points I harp on is that whether you're using an Apple or a Windows device, iOS or Android, you can record great music with your friends, with people across the world, connect with new band members, and learn your instrument (thanks for reading, by the way!)

We live in one of the best times to be a musician. It's affordable for many, and music as a whole is just getting better. Musicians have more resources and ways to connect than ever before.

The advancements are only going to get quicker as we move along in life. Here's to being excited about what's next!