Ernie Ball Acoustic Paradigm Strings Review

When Ernie Ball announced the Paradigm series of strings last year, I was very excited to check them out. I got a chance to review the Ernie Ball electric Paradigm strings back in September of 2017 and I was really happy with how that review went. Spoiler alert, but I ended up loving them even more than the regular Slinkys I typically play. I put them on my Charvel with a Floyd Rose, and left them on there for a while to see how they’d hold up. They lasted for months before I had to switch them out, plus I loved the tone they produced.


That’s what makes Paradigms so different from other strings. They’re made for durability. You might’ve seen lots of famous guitar players trying to break them, and they couldn’t! Here’s something that really sets Paradigms apart from everything else: if your strings break within 90 days, Ernie Ball will replace them. That’s a pretty sweet deal!


Everything from the cool packaging, including a really helpful Tone Profile on the back of the strings (so you know how much bass, treble and mids the strings will produce), to the way the strings feel under your fingers, and the way they wear over time, is the quality you’d expect from Ernie Ball.

I love putting new strings on my guitars, because it makes me want to play more and more. For a pretty inexpensive price, your tone automatically takes a huge leap. The good folks over at Ernie Ball asked me if I wanted to check out the acoustic version of their Paradigm strings, and of course I said yes.

Check out the full video review below, and stay tuned to the end for a chance to win strings, picks and more!