The Most Awesome Guitar Merch

Chasing Sound has always been about chasing that right note, the perfect tone, or the feeling you get when you learn something new. Which is why my motto has always been the simple, "learning guitar is awesome".

I've been writing Chasing Sound for over two years, have put out numerous lessons, a newsletter each Sunday for years, videos, and lots more. It's a labor of love. I have only super minimal ads on the sidebar of my site, which are all for products that I actually have used in the past, and can vouch for being good.

I've always dreamt of seeing the Chasing Sound name on a shirt or a coffee cup, a sticker - and now I've finally made that a reality. I've teamed up with the group over at Teespring and made a store that features the Chasing Sound logo on t-shirts, hoodies, coffee cups, stickers and more.

You can check out the store here. I appreciate you supporting the site, and in the process, getting something guitar related that is cool!