Announcing Amped Up!

I remember when Twitter first came out how excited I was about the platform. I am that excited about a new radio style app called Anchor. For Chasing Sound I didn’t want to do a full fledged podcast just yet, and Anchor was the perfect app to let me accomplish that.

The show I’m debuting today is called Amped Up! It’s a guitar radio show that can be updated throughout the week. The stations' segments disappear after 24 hrs., but if I think something is really good, I’ll turn it into an episode which you can listen to at any time.

Someone compared Anchor to Snapchat, but for audio stories rather than pictures. In this first broadcast I talk about new articles that are on Chasing Sound, I spin a couple of my favorite guitar tracks, go over some great guitar apps and more. If you’re subscribed to Six String Sunday (my weekly newsletter), this is like an audio version of that, but updated even more regularly, with audio, and allows me to talk more about each thing I’m going over.

I hope you’ll listen and let me know what you think. Other cool things you can do on Anchor are have call ins. If you download the app (which is free for iOS and Android), you can call into my station and leave an audio comment. There’s also an option to do interviews, which I plan to do in the future.

The recording is happening right from my phone, so the station can be updated from literally anywhere and the quality is as good as my iPhone's microphone. There’s a lot of great stations on the app, and I can’t wait to start interacting with different broadcasters. If you listen from the player above, you can literally come back to this post at any time and hear the new broadcasts. I also plan to link up the player somewhere in the sidebar soon.

If you do listen to Amped Up!, let me know what you think of the broadcast, and what you’d like to hear more or less of. I hope you enjoy listening to my stories which cover my 20+ years of guitar playing. I really think that with the site, the newsletter, the new radio show, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and being able to email me, you’ll be able to be immersed in the guitar world at any time, and that's pretty awesome.