50 Days of Amped Up! on Anchor

I announced that I was working on a guitar radio show back in July. Now it's mid-September and I have a new announcement, or more of an accomplishment and an update about the show.

If you've never listened before, Amped Up! is a guitar and music show that I produce every day. It's a behind the scenes of Chasing Sound, including sneak peeks, commentary on posts I've written, helpful guitar and music tips, and I also get the chance to play some of my absolute favorite tracks.

With Amped Up! the "station" dissapears after 24 hours, and only the absolute best stuff makes it into an archived episode. Today I'm happy to say that I've been doing Amped Up! for 50 days in a row. I've taken the show from my home in New Jersey, to Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Missouri, California, Denmark, Sweden, and back home.

I hope you've listened before, but if you haven't, I have a request. There are 1000's of stations that broadcast on Anchor each day, and amazingly Amped Up! has made it into the Top 100 many times. But I've never gotten in to that Top 20 spot.

If you do listen to the show and enjoy it, make sure to favorite the station or tap on that applause button in the app.

Today (September 14th), on Amped Up's 50th day, I'm going to be playing50 of my favorite guitar players, and comment on why I enjoy each one. I hope you'll listen.



Update: Added the list, and honorable mentions!

If you're listening to this after September 15th, click here for the full archived episode!