Announcing 50 Amazing Finger Exercises

After lots of students requested it, I sat down and thought of 50 of my favorite finger exercises for guitar. That’s nearly 2 months worth of exercises that you can use to warm up your fingers before diving in to trickier situations.

The exercises focus on finger dexterity and strength. If you incorporate a couple of these into your playing each day, you’re bound to improve not only your practice sessions, but your guitar playing in general.

The exercises range from beginner to advanced difficulty, but with a little practice, and a whole lot of patience, you can get any of these down. These 50 are a blueprint so to speak. You can use them ascending and descending through the neck, change note values, and use them as a starting point to build some of your own favorite finger exercises.

Not only will you get a .PDF file of all of the exercises, I also included a Guitar Pro file so you can listen to the way these exercises should sound. You can also make a copy of my file and modify the exercises to really make them your own.

I hope you dig using these fun exercises in your everyday practice. For the price of a decent coffee you can transform how you practice from here on out. As always, if you ever have any questions, you can reach out to me at