Readers come first

I've always wanted to write Chasing Sound, and I do so because I love guitar, I love helping people, and I really enjoy having fun on the internet.

When I go to a site, I can't stand when I see someone selling me something constantly, especially if it doesn't pertain to the sites' subject or if it's creepy. I enjoy my reading to be free from ads when it comes to the text of the article.

Ads are a necessary evil of the internet, but there's a wrong and right way to do them. Here's what I can promise with Chasing Sound - readers always come first.

My mission is to help you learn guitar in a way that cuts out the crap and gets to the good stuff, because I've been learning for more than half of my life, and am scouring the internet for good guitar content all the time. I also want to teach you about guitar players, why they tick, how to learn their methods and be a better musician, and in the process, have some fun!

With that being said, you will never see Chasing Sound plastered in ads. If I ever mention something on the site, or have an ad in the sidebar, you can rest assured that is something I have used in the past or a product I respect. It'll usually help you get further along in your playing.

I make a small commission if you ever buy something from these links, and to be honest, that sometimes will cover the cost of keeping the lights on, or give me a little coffee money.

In the future I plan to sell instructional courses and materials, but the majority of my best material will be right here on the site for free, or in my weekly newsletter, Six String Sunday (go sign up for that, by the way!)

I'm here to help you out, and reading the site should be a fun and informative experience. I'm trying to write the guitar site that I would want to see as a student and player.

As always, thanks for reading, and thank you for supporting what I do. If you have a question, you can always feel free to reach out on Twitter or Facebook, or by dropping me a message at the contact page.