The 15 Minute Guitar Lesson Experiment - Free Lessons!

I’m super excited to announce something fun today. If you’re stuck trying to learn a new riff, have a guitar question, want to learn a new technique or even learn how to record and mix your songs, today you’re in luck!

I’m trying an experiment this month to meet more of you online, and I’m offering you something cool. Keeping in line with my message of “what will you learn this month?”, for the entire month of August you can book a mini guitar lesson with me, and here’s the best part — it’s free!

Simply email with what you’d like to learn. Here’s the catch…it has to fit inside 15 minutes. The interesting thing is that I’ve always broken down my practice schedule into 15-20 minute chunks for each thing I’m working on.

Here are some examples of things you could learn or start to learn in 15 minutes:

  • The Mixolydian Mode
  • How to use a compressor
  • How to develop a practice schedule
  • The right way to hold a guitar
  • How to do economy picking
  • What the circle of 5ths is
  • How to mic a guitar cab
  • How to learn one riff you’re working on

There’s SO much you can begin to learn inside 15 minutes. Once you email me and let me know what you’d like to work on, I’ll give you available times, and then we can hop on Skype for a quick lesson.

I’d love to help you learn something new. I won’t be selling you guitar lessons or anything else, it’s just a fun experiment I’m going to try in August.

Just email me, let me know what you want to work on, and I’ll send you back some times that I’m available throughout the week to work on your thing!